Flight-Tyme Pro Performance Training

Strength Training

Athletic gains peak in the off season and are maintained during the season. Our strength routines are sport specific to ensure our athletes are physically prepared for their individual upcoming sport season. We use the best technology, proven methods and good old fashion motivation to move athletes from leaders to champions.

Agility Training

At Flight Tyme we train athletes to remove wasted steps and movements in order to maximize speed, strength and quickness. The ability to stop, change directions, and return to top speed in the world of sports makes a huge difference. We use a combination of plyometrics and resistance training to ensure our athletes are efficient in all of there movements, thus keeping them a step ahead of the competition.

Speed Training

Quickness is the ability to accelerate from standing to top speed in the shortest amount of time. Fast is the ability to maintain top speed for a specified amount of time. At Flight Tyme we work with our athletes to reduce all wasted motions from start to finish – thus getting to top speed in fewer steps, and ultimately increasing and maintaining top speed in a shorter amount of time.