Leaders are born, but champions train harder!

Flight-Tyme Pro Performance Training prepares athletes to perform their very best. Strength, speed, agility and explosion exercises are combined to ensure gains are made, and gives athletes the competitive edge they’re looking for.

Speed Training

We train athletes to remove wasted steps and movements in order to maximize speed.

Agility Training

Our training ensures our athletes are efficient in all of their movements.

Strength Training

Our strength routines are sport specific to ensure our athletes are physically prepared.

Flight-Tyme Alumni

It was the best opportunity that I had outside my sport to gain knowledge and techniques that I used through high school and 4 years of college.

Nick Davis, QB - Merrimack College

After 7 years of training with Flight Tyme, I can say it never gets easier. You just get better!

Cierre Wood, RB - NFL/CFL