What is Flight Tyme?

Flight Tyme is advanced training for today’s athletes. We focus on the total athlete and develop specialized training modules for all competitors for every sport and for year round training.  Strength is built in the off season and maintained during the season.  Our trainers understand this, as many of them have competed at very high levels. 


Speed and Agility Training

Flight Tyme speed training is designed to teach athletes to be more efficient runners by teaching scientific approved running techniques. We couple speed training with agility training, allowing is to develop athletes’ overall performance. We focus on every phase of running, from explosive starts, maintaining speed, and finishing strong.

Fitness Goals

Flight Tyme offers mobile group as well as mobile individual training programs. Group fitness activities are for five or more persons. Individual and small group programs are tailored to meet the clients’ needs.

Strength Training

Strength training is designed to meet the needs of the client. This allows each client to reach and exceed his/her goals. Whether clients are training for a specific sport or desiring a healthy life style, we bring out the athlete in every client.

What others are saying…

“Will is an amazing speed and agility coach.  My son has been working with him for over a year and we’ve seen improvements in his footwork, speed, and coordination in football and basketball.  Whether your child is just beginning sports or ready to take their skills to the next level, you can’t go wrong with Flight Tyme!”

― Ebony C.

“Training with Will, I have become stronger mentally and physically and have been pushed hard to my limit and getting better everyday. I’ve reached a lot of my goals that I wanted to reach. With the help of Will it has been accomplished much faster and easier. I’ve learned hard work and dedication are keys to success along with consistency. He taught me to never give up and keep fighting for what I want to do in life!”

― Sam Lucas III

About us

Flight Tyme is full service mobile training. We offer individual weight training and personal lifestyle plans, and speed and agility training for athletes. Book your appointment today.


Email: Will@flight-tyme.com

Phone: 303-676-7427