Flight-Tyme Alumni

It was the best opportunity that I had outside my sport to gain knowledge and techniques that I used through high school and 4 years of college. I would highly recommend Flight Tyme training to any athlete from any sport that wants to gain a competitive edge against their opponent. To top it off, once you’re a member of Flight Tyme, you’re family!

Nick Davis, QB – Merrimack College

I gained and learned a lot of things from Flight Tyme. I began training with Will Reed when I was 15. Within my first year I gained 35 pounds of muscle for my Junior year, and within a good year my bench was over 325 pounds. We also worked on my speed, quickness and agility, and I still use many of the exercises and weight training routines today. Will knows how to push you beyond what you think you’re capable of accomplishing!

Christian McNair, TE – Black Hills College

After 7 years of training with Flight Tyme, I can say it never gets easier. You just get better!

Cierre Wood, RB – NFL/CFL

Lethbridge College (Alberta, Canada): Not only is my lateral movement much better, but my first step is noticeably quicker and I’m much more explosive going to the basket! #BeastMode

Robert Myles, PG